Why Therapy?

Are you MISSING the energy to make changes?

Are you OVERWHELMED by the stressors of life?

Are you LACKING “me” time?

Are you DISSATISFIED with your work, school, family, and/or relationships?

Are you GRIEVING a major loss in your life, such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, or the loss of employment?

Are you STRUGGLING with unpleasant feelings or memories from your recent or remote past?

Are you frequently WORRIED?

Are you SADDENED by the direction of your life? 

Are you RISKING your physical and/or emotional well-being by engaging in unhealthy coping behaviors?


   You are not alone.
  Psychotherapy can help.


Tools to help you manage and overcome your emotional distress and gain inner peace.


What is important to you, what underlying issues are causing you anguish, and what you need to be           happy and whole.  


A life that is meaningful to you and find the happiness that you deserve.